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20th June 2005

synthp0paddict6:48pm: Friday, June 24
We're meeting at Frick Park at 8:30 AM on Friday, June 24. If you can't make it, need directions, or need a ride, post a reply or give me a call. Also, Mr. O. said the latest he'd do it would be 9 AM. Would that be better for anyone? (He prefers 8:30)


7th June 2005

synthp0paddict11:12am: Monday, June 6 Meeting and Trip
Our apologies to anyone who came to the meeting yesterday, it was cancelled at the last minute. The club is going to Frick Park tomorrow, Wednesday June 8, at 1 PM. Everyone will be notified via the phone tree. The meeting spot is the same one as last time--near the playground.

The canoe trip has been postponed until August. It may be combined with the Jennings trip. More news when we know what's going on.

In other news, we have a forums set up! The web address is: http://whhsenviro.confurms3.com Thanks, Ryan! Both the LJ community and the forums will be in use, and important information will be posted in both.

See you tomorrow. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

23rd May 2005

synthp0paddict4:06pm: May 23 Meeting
We discussed the June Canoe trip--the date is set at June 14 through June 15. For an Itinerary and "What to bring" list go here: Envirothon Canoe Trip Itinerary We will be going downstream. We're trying not to bring too much stuff--and we're trying to have 4 canoes. 2 people per canoe, 6 students total. (Mr. O and Mr. Synder will also be coming).

The tenative date for the trip to Jennings is the second week of August, August 15-19.

Any questions/problems, please comment.
synthp0paddict2:27pm: This is a test.

21st May 2005

synthp0paddict9:40am: Anyone need the phone tree? Leave a comment and your email and I'll send it to you. Perhaps we could also get a list with everyone's email?
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18th May 2005

synthp0paddict11:00am: May 16 Meeting:

We talked about summer trips: A canoe/kayak trip and a camping trip near Jennings (the place where we did water testing and almost lost a few fingers to frostbite). The Jennings trip will be in July or August, and the canoe trip will be in June. The possible dates for the canoe trip are: June 14-17 or 20-24. Please see Mr. Orndorff or comment here if one of these dates works better for you.

We also went on a hike and bothered the track team.
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